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January 29, 2022 65821 Views

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Night Quest Animated Short Film by Thomas Mantilla at IIM – Digital School. Featured on CGMeetup Gallery

Gwen, a young princess, is locked in a cell and, at nightfall, she takes her courage with both hands and decides to escape. On her way she will brave several obstacles including an ogre and a terrifying monster until she arrives in front of an imposing door…

This film was made at IIM – Digital School, from September 2019 to January 2021, we had to make a short film within our school to validate our two years of master’s. After watching many short films made by other students, we decided that we too wanted to make a project that looked like us and that we love. « Night Quest » was born from that moment on. What little girl never thought she was a princess trying to escape her castle ? What child has never dreamed of confronting different imaginary monsters straight out of his mind ? It is from our childhood memories that we left to make this short film, based on the imagination.

Credits: Written And Directed : Thomas Mantilla
Production Manager : Agathe Orlandini, Lorene Carpentier
Art Director : Mounir Boumaza, Perrine Maciel
Technial Director : Grégory Matias
Storyboards : Thomas Mantilla, Perrine Maciel, Mounir Bouzama, Coralie Spach, Nicolas Caillet, Agathe Orlandini, Justine Blourdier
Concept Artists : Thomas Mantilla, Mounir Boumaza, Coralie Spach, Charlotte Même, Quentin Geneste, Perrine Maciel
Camera And Layout : Mounir Boumaza, Nicolas Caillet, Thomas Mantilla, Perrine Maciel
Environment Artists : Thomas Mantilla, Grégory Matias, Perrine Maciel, Quentin Geneste, Théo Païtra, Marjorie Fremaux, Coralie Spach, Justine Blourdier, Hugo Mas, Aurélien Dupré
Character Artists : Charlotte Même, Quentin Geneste, Thomas Mantilla, Laura Oliveira, Grégory Matias
Texturing And Shading Artists : Maxime Geai, Thomas Mantilla, Grégory Matias, Perrine Maciel
Lead Animators : Charlotte Même, Mounir Boumaza, Nicolas Caillet
Animators : Perrine Maciel, Thomas Mantilla, Quentin Geneste, Laura Oliveira, Justine Blourdier
Rigging : Perrine Maciel, Laura Oliveira, Nicolas Caillet, Thomas Mantilla
Lighting And Rendering : Thomas Mantilla, Grégory Matias, Perrine Maciel, Quentin Geneste
Vfx Artists : Quentin Geneste, Grégory Matias, Thomas Mantilla
Compositing Artists : Thomas Mantilla, Perrine Maciel
Editing : Agathe Orlandini, Quentin Geneste, Perrine Maciel
Original Music : Matthieu Mantilla
Sound Designer : Bruno Garcia, Lucas Langlois, Quentin Geneste, Perrine Maciel
Special Thanks : Dogan Oztel, Elio Suhamy, Gabriel Kerlidou, Vincent Mirabel, Thierry Noguera, Solenne Raout, Naïrye Apelian, Jean Dahan, Ekkarat Rodthong, Marc Bellan, Vasco Potier, Rémi Adrien, Eric Toubal, Laurent Mercereau, Chaghig Harmandayan, Camille Latruffe- Montmeylian

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film HD: “Night Quest” by Thomas Mantilla | CGMeetup


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