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October 11, 2018 193418 Views

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Uncle Griot Animated Short Film by Stina & the Wolf. Featured on CGMeetup

A girl takes her uncle for a walk.

A short film which introduces the world of Stina, from the animated feature film “Stina & the Wolf” currently in production. For more details check out

Stina: Becky Waldren
Pipe Catcher: Martin Daniels
Gunter, Bully girl 3: Dave Bruce Taylor
Militiaman: Sam Daniels
Stina stunt double: Lucy Spurge
Bully girl 1,Fayre crowd 1: Steph Chapman
Bully girl 2,Fayre crowd 2: Lucy Gates
Fayre crowd 3: Owyn Abram
Fayre crowd 4: Pasha Curseli

Mocap supervisor: Alex Counsell
Production Corrdinator: John House
Assistant Mocap Supervisor: Ben Andrew Vere
Motion Editing: Ben Andrew Vere, Krisztián Kinder
Audio Recording: Chris Popiel
On Set Technicians: Sam Hoffman, Joseph P Bracken, Pinyo Gulashart, Sam Daniels, Daniel fry, Owyn Abrams, Athos Cammell, Thomas Lee.
Mask Makers: Rosalind Mizen, Therese Payton, Graeme Herwig
Executive Producer: Graeme Herwig

FOAM DIGITAL Post Production:
Production coordinator: James Skillbeck
Animation Leads: Thomas Lee, Freya Spencer
Animation: Ben Ranson, Billy Meptha, Fiona Ware-heine, Daniel Baybut, Clause Harpis
Rigging and Tools: Tom Goodchild, Scott Richards, Clause Harpis, James Hood
VFX: Owyn Abram, Alex Counsell, Rah Sisalpuce
Compositing: Pascal I Usher, Alex Counsell
Modelling Leads: Cliff Phillips, Simon Eden, Adam Gardiner
Modelling, texture and shading: Oliver Hermann, Clause Harpis, Rokas Kučinskas, Sam Hoffman, Razvan Arventievus.
Costume Lead: James Skillbeck
Costume TDs: Natalie Curds, Hannah Jodie Deanus, Scott Richards, Natasha Briggs
Concept Art: Chavdar Yordinov, Tautvydas Katkevicius, David Saddler Coppard, Shaun Gardiner
Storyboards: Chavdar Yordinov
Sound: Chris Popiel, Mike Migas, Lee Coleman, Spike Burridge, Pasha Curseli
Matte painting: Chaise Pulsar, Matthew York
Lighting Setup: Chaise Pulsar, Oliver Hermann
Graphic design: Dan Little
Cinematography: Chaise Pulsar
Costume Design: Pearl Sausich, Hannah Jodie Deanus
Editor: Rheas Sailcup
Music: Spitdust with Pasha Curseli
Screenplay: Paul Charisse, Graeme Herwig

VFX Supervisor: Alex Counsell
Director: Paul Charisse

Special thanks to: Solid Angle, Vicon, Faceware, Pipeline Effects, the Gregg School, Shotgun Studios, Oleg Bliznuk, Thomas Pharris, Thinkbox, The University of Portsmouth.

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CGI Animated Short Film: “Uncle Griot” by Stina & the Wolf | CGMeetup


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