FENTY PUMA BY RIHANNA Fall 2017 Paris – Fashion Channel

July 20, 2018 73832 Views

FENTY PUMA BY RIHANNA Fall 2017 Paris – Fashion Channel

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Good girls and boys gone bad of every kind were represented in Rihanna’s lineup.

You could spot the goth kids a mile away in their black hooded outfits, though given the sporty nature of their clothes (oversize fleece pullovers with matching fleece pants in one instance) they’d probably identity more readily as health goths, a recent subculture that remixes the aesthetic put forth by Robert Smith with a streetwise energy.

Rihanna has always stayed aware of emerging youth culture, cherrypicking from the weird and wonderful trends she sees on the road and applying them in her own wardrobe.

Wherever her mood takes her though, she’ll usually walk a tightrope of masculine swagger and feminine wiles, a yin-yang fashion principle that has helped her hone in on signature sportswear silhouettes.

If you follow her airport style closely enough, you’ll know those extra-huge sleeping bag coats are totally her thing and incidentally, have been everywhere this season.

The sexy tomboy basics all got a look in as well, including mock-neck crop tops, and retro snap-button track pants with logo boxer briefs peeking out from their waist bands.

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