The Zipf Mystery

September 15, 2015 23098222 Views

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How many days have you been alive?
random letter generator:
Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

Word frequency resources:
[combined Wikipedia and Gutenberg]

Great Zipf’s law papers:

Zipf’s law articles and discussions:

other Zipf’s law PDFs
in untranslated language:

Zipf’s law slides:

Pareto Principle and related ‘laws’:

Your Memories are Being Frozen

Random typing and Zipf:
health 80/20:

Principle of least effort: [PDF]

self organized criticality:

Hapax Legomenon:

Learning curve:

Forgetting curve:

Experience curve effects:

and zipf’s law:

You'll remember less than .001% of your life

It only takes three generations for you to be basically forgotten from Showerthoughts

music from:

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