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June 19, 2022 69934 Views

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Stranded Animated Short Film by students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Featured on CGMeetup Gallery

Interstellar transport company courier’s regular business trip turns into a fight for survival when her ship gets damaged in an accident.

A short film created by students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2021-2022.
It premiered in Animatricks 2022 on 21th of May 2022 in Helsinki.

Project manager – Alisa Mäntynen
Vice project manager – Jessica Kivi
Producers – Julia Martiskainen, Jimi Holmberg
Supervising instructors – Peke Huuhtanen, Jaro Lehtonen, Lauri Huikuri, Aura Kaarivuo, Ilkka Väisänen, Annakaisa Sukura, Leo Viirret, Timo Lehti
Story & Script – Jimi Holmberg, Kristiina Kekomäki, Eliisa Peltonen, Alisa Mäntynen
Storyboard Artists – Alisa Mäntynen, Kaj Kekarainen, Krista Puusti
Animatic – Alisa Mäntynen
Character concept art – Matleena Oikarinen, Suvi Pelkonen
Environment concept art – Jessica Kivi, Kaj Kekarainen
Prop concept art – Jani Toukovalkama
Animation – Alisa Mäntynen, Kaj Kekarainen, Matleena Oikarinen, Suvi Pelkonen
Layout – Alisa Mäntynen, Kaj Kekarainen
Character modelling & texturing – Suvi Pelkonen
Character rigging – Matleena Oikarinen
Environment modeling – Jessica Kivi
Environment Texturing – Jessica Kivi
Prop modeling – Matleena Oikarinen, Jessica Kivi, Kaj Kekarainen, Jani Toukovalkama
Prop texturing – Jani Toukovalkama, Jessica Kivi
2D artists – Kaj Kekarainen, Matleena Oikarinen
Lighting – Jessica Kivi, Suvi Pelkonen
Rendering – Jessica Kivi
Post Production – Alisa Mäntynen, Jessica Kivi, Suvi Pelkonen, Matleena Oikarinen, Kaj Kekarainen
Guest animators – Simo Kuosmanen, Joni Lehtinen, Tiina Leskinen
Sound team project manager: Aapo Kosonen
Sound design – Joni Nieminen, Oscar Mäkelä, Aapo Kosonen
Music – Miika Romppanen
Foley artist – Joni Nieminen
Voice by – Viivi Sopanen
Special Thanks – Our class of KXE20S13D, friends & family

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CGI Animated Short Film HD: “Stranded” by Stranded Team | CGMeetup


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