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June 16, 2019 834285 Views

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Tiffany Animated Short Film by Christina Christie, Savannah Berry, Megan Burbach, Kylie Campbell, Taylor Estape, Lauren Gisewhite, Christopher Gomes, Genesis Laboy, Peter Luption, Austin Royall, Sofia Santos, Beryl Van Ness, Desiree Vargas, Sara Villa, Tim Carlos at SVAD Character Animation at UCF. Featured on CGMeetup

While packing away her deceased grandmother’s affairs, Pauline discovers that one of their stained glass sculptures has come to life. As the lights in the house go out and their memories together begin to dim, Pauline realizes there is joy in celebrating the legacy of those who have been lost.

Christina Christie: DIRECTOR, Story Lead, Co-Lighting Lead, Animation Team, Compositing Team, Modeling Team, Layout Team, Original Story Idea
Savannah Berry: Art Director, Texturing Team, Lighting Team, Animation Team, 2D Team, Marketing Team, Story Team
Megan Burbach: Co-Environment Lead, Matte Painting, Texturing Team, Compositing Team, Lighting Team, Art Direction Team, Marketing Team
Kylie Campbell: Texturing Lead, Modeling Team, Effects Team, Story Team
Taylor Estape: Sound Lead, Co-Rigging Lead, Layout Team, Animation Team, 2D Team
Lauren Gisewhite: Production Manager, Compositing Lead, Co-Rendering Lead, Marketing Team
Christopher Gomes: Co-Animation Lead, Layout Team, Compositing Team
Genesis Laboy: Technical Director, Co-Rendering Lead, Co-Lighting Lead, Texturing Team, Compositing Team
Peter Luption: Co-Rigging Lead, Texturing Team, Animation Team, 2D Team
Austin Royall: Effects Lead, Co-Modeling Lead, Texturing Team
Sofia Santos: Co-Animation Lead, Layout Team, Compositing Team, Story Team
Beryl Van Ness: Co-Modeling Lead, Co-Environment Lead, Art Direction Team, Texturing Team, Rendering Team, Marketing Team, Title and Credits Design
Desiree Vargas: Co-Animation Lead, Marketing Lead, Lighting Team, Modeling Team, Story Team
Sara Villa: Editor, Layout Lead, Animation Team, Story Team
Tim Carlos: Composer of Orignal “Tiffany” Soundtrack
Sound by: Matt Tracy
Pauline Voice by: Callie Wills
Addtional Technical Advising: Brandon Schall
Faculty Advisors: JoAnne Adams, Cheryl Briggs, Darlene Hadrika, Phil Peters, Stella Sung

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CGI Animated Short Film HD “Tiffany” by Tiffany Team | CGMeetup


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