CGI Animated Short Film: “Thistle One” by Thistle One Team, Artella | CGMeetup

March 26, 2019 105794 Views

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Thistle One Animated Short Film by Thistle One Team at Artella. Featured on CGMeetup

Post apocalyptic adventure set in the not too distant future.
It’s the future and outsiders have come to Earth to make it their home, but first they need to rid the planet of an opposing force, humans. The larger story would delve into the life of an average girl who is living in the new world, struggling to survive. She meets others along the way and the larger story would be about them, not necessarily the outsiders.
Alondar, our female protagonist, has learned to operate abandoned military battle armor. In this sequence we we find Alondra already in mid battle with one of the outsider’s parasites.

Thistle One Short Film Directed by Bobby Beck in collaboration with 54 independent artists from 21 countries through the Artella production platform. This proof of concept is a snapshot of a larger concept and universe. We hope you enjoy.

Director: Bobby Beck
CG Supervisor: Max Pickl
Previs: Tikumporn Teepapal – Boa
Concept Art: Santiago Betancur
Music By Amir Hedayah
Sound Design & Mix: Andreas Russo
Color Script: Arturo Rodriguez, Martin Bailly
Matte Painting: Martin Bailly
Modeling: Ander Lizarde, Dei G. (Deisign Studios), Marie Angoulvant, Michael Kristiansen, Richard Vant Hul, Ron Viers.
Surfacing: André Albino, Arturo Ramírez – Limkuk, Asad Sheikh, Bridget Encke, Geoffrey Duch, Henrique Campanha, Jean-Pascal Berthiaume, Jonas Schlengman, Katie Reynolds, Max Pickl,
Michael Kristiansen, Michelle Wibowo, Omar Hernández Peña, Omar Hesham, Paulo Cesar Duarte, Ron Viers, Ryan Farmer, Tim Dickson, Youenn Durand Baron.
Animation Supervisor; Tikumporn Teepapal – Boa, Yamil Bermudez.
Animation: Diego Villanueva, Jack Ebensteiner, Tim Rudder, Tom Janson, Yair Gutierrez.
Simulation: Brian Crawford, Marco Melantonio.
FX Lead: Diego Grimaldi
FX: Christopher Crouzet, Hernan Santander, Marco Melantonio, Paulo Cesar Duarte, Tyler Swank.
FX Motion Graphics and End Credits: David Turner
Additional Motion Graphics: Jaime Martínez
Lighting Supervisor: Mohammed Hamid
Lighting: Ben Sarlo, Max Pickl
Additional Lighting: Alejandro Benitez, Edouard Sisternas, Felipe Vargas
Comp Supervisor: Rafael Casagrande
Comp: Matthias Eckhardt, Marco Geracitano
Color Correction: Rafael Casagrande, Carlos Baena
Creative Consultant: Carlos Baena
Special Thanks: The Entire Artella Team for making this possible
Alexander Seidmann, Alex Mateo, Alf Lovvold,
Animation Mentor: Anna Anakhasyan, Ben Fischler, Brandon McCaulley.
Chalermphol Wattanawongtrakool, Chris Lemon, David Lamb, Delilah Beck, Fabio Fonda, Forrest Hansen, Geoffrey Duch, James King, John Zino, Jonathan Rodegher, Jordi Alcala, Julien Gauthier, Kelly Kin, Ryan Wong, Shawn Kelly.
Solid Angle | Arnold: Steffany Magid, Thales Simonato,
“Made on Artella – Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved”

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CGI Animated Short Film: “Thistle One” by Thistle One Team, Artella | CGMeetup


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