ARMANI PRIVÉ Haute Couture Spring 2021 Paris – Fashion Channel

February 1, 2021 145228 Views

ARMANI PRIVÉ Haute Couture Spring 2021 Paris – Fashion Channel

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The Spring/Summer 2021 Armani Privé collection was presented from Palazzo Orsini in Milan where Armani’s clothes are conceived and take shape.

While classically beautiful, these pieces have a modern edge and a touch of excitement with micro-crystals, sequins and embellishment details, offer a sparkling glow over everything.

The show took place behind closed doors without an audience but the show was able to be viewed by millions around the world.

Giorgio Armani said: “Couture is rooted in fashion history. It represents the pinnacle of creativity and sartorial skill, but is a world available only to very few. Today, through the democracy of the Internet, we are able to offer a front row seat to everyone.”

Giorgio Armani has never been one to follow trends. His belief that fashion should be timeless rather than constantly adapting to new trends has been at the heart of his company since the beginning.

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