FALKOVICH Marbella Fashion Week Belarus 2021 – Fashion Channel

July 14, 2021 1412 Views

FALKOVICH Marbella Fashion Week Belarus 2021 – Fashion Channel

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Anastasia Falkovich is a famous Belarusian designer, the National Beauty School teacher, a permanent participant of different fashion shows, that are held in Belarus, Russia, Europe, a member of Eurasian creative guild (London, Great Britain).

She is a co-owner of the brands Falkovich and Batistini, owner of the cloth studio “La Fason”, and popularizer magnificent Belarusian national dresses ‘’Vyshyvanka” (embroidered shirts).

The Falkovich brand makes clothes and costumes for the national Olympic team and dresses singers and celebrities for big musical events, such as Slavic Bazar, so well-known to the eastern part of Eurasia.

The Falkovich brand also provides charitable support for orphanages and made protective clothes and masks for doctors during the peak of Covid-19 in 2020.

Anastasia Falkovich uses only natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and the famous Belarusian linen; her embroidery uses ethnic motifs in her modern design, and she is often inspired by the natural environment of her country.

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