LOLITA LEMPICKA Spring 2001 Paris – Fashion Channel

September 3, 2020 91071 Views

LOLITA LEMPICKA Spring 2001 Paris – Fashion Channel

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In her cozy showroom on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Lolita likes to take a break to enjoy a cup of tea with her most beloved associates, her husband and her twin daughters Paulina and Lauren.

They all help to make the new collections. Lolita’s eldest daughter, Élisa, moved to New York to promote the brand there.

Indeed, the entire family seems to benefit from the artistic touch. Lolita always gives free rein to her imagination to come up with exciting new products.

For designer, artist, and perfume creator Lolita Lempicka, fashion is an art.

Passionate, motivated, liberated, discreet: these are a few words used to describe Lolita, who now boasts more than 35 years in the creative field.

Lolita’s determination and authenticity have allowed her to capture the stunning radiance of femininity.

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