NEW WORLD ORDER Fashion Film Festival 2022 Milano

February 22, 2022 737 Views

NEW WORLD ORDER Fashion Film Festival 2022 Milano

New World Order directed by Timur Celikdag for The Travel Almanac Magazine.
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Directed by Timur Celikdag for The Travel Almanac Magazine.

Having pushed the earth beyond its limits, our quest to colonize Mars as plan B seems perverse to me.

This, as well as the social media and surveillance cameras that track all of our movements, the cultural and social injustices we have witnessed, and the separation from our loved ones over the past year have inspired the making of this film.

The effect of the above is for some parts of our society only a fraction of the problems they are struggling with.

We are pushed to rethink how to do things differently and to treasure the people and things we have in our lives.

We don’t have the opportunity to incorporate subjects like these into the fashion stories we create very often.

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