SELIA RICHWOOD Highlights Flying Solo Swimwear 2022 Miami – Fashion Channel

January 27, 2022 4101 Views

SELIA RICHWOOD Highlights Flying Solo Swimwear 2022 Miami – Fashion Channel

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Selia Richwood is swimwear and lingerie brand based in Milan, Italy, which offers a contemporary lifestyle through its designs that emphasize a luxurious touch and rich details.

The designs have a character that goes beyond traditional clichés and conventional limits, and particular attention to detail with their fabrics and accessories.

Every single piece has quality of Italian, Japanese and French fabrics.

The selection of fabrics are found in every piece transformed with a creative design.

Selia Richwood’s main focus is to design unique pieces for modern spirits with a creative, energetic, and self-confident approach for daily life and a cosmopolitan fashion scene.

The brand raises the pulse of the fashion industry not only in Italy, but also on a global scale, by its design.

The creations of the brand are not limited to be used only on the beach or the bedroom, but also can take a magical touch of luxury to daily life and street style and everywhere in-between.

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