Alzheimer’s and the Brain

July 2, 2016 7718270 Views

Vsauce is proud to announce our support for Alzheimer’s Association’s #TheLongestDay now and throughout June during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month. Visit to join us!

More good links:

Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures [PDF]:

Basics of Alzheimer’s disease. “What it is and what you can do” [PDF]

What is Dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease:

compare causes of death:

Solar system movement around galactic center:

brain facts:

cortex thickness:

more on cortex:


VIDEOS: how proteins are formed from DNA


Why can’t I list every book I know, but I can tell you if I own it? from askscience

Video of real human brain:

The Alzheimer’s Project (HBO):

I highly recommend this:

Down syndrome:

Alzheimer’s disease risk-factors:

wiki images:,_power_lines_(7).JPG,_camera_and_cassette.jpg,_Ny_Carlsberg_Glyptotek,_Copenhagen_(15369478929).jpg


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