LEGO TACO! And Other Great Images — IMG! Episode #47

January 28, 2012 2841009 Views

Ask me SPACE questions and see my answers HERE:


song at very end by Jake Chudnow:

dog fan:

cloud ice cream:



mirror and glass:

broccoli treehouse:

Europe Dragon:

Soldiers in shapes:

subaru backwards:

Furniture cake:

stormtropper cake:

Pacman With Rings:

Stereographic projection:

Projection os PARIS:

Josh Sommers work:

Bongiovani’s ‘melting’ birds:

Takeshi Kawano’s “melting animal culptures”:

Dry Earth:

Wet Mars:

Dry Niagra:

Floor poses:

GLOBAL subway system concept

Burrito cats:


Drooling smiley faces:

Cat’s bunny face:

Dogs surrounding kid:

kid pulling dog:

bruce lowell LEGO work:

Real Life people painted:

Touching strangers:

Cartoon characters in famous paintings:

hipster disney princesses:

princess superheros:

Some living photographs on YouTube:




cloth-wrapped trees:

“red head” artwork:,470014/

circle of shoes:

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