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The Holiday Box has evolved! Now you can support Vsauce, your brain, Alzheimer’s research, and other YouTube educators by joining THE CURIOSITY BOX: a seasonal delivery of viral science toys made by Vsauce! A portion of all proceeds goes to Alzheimer’s research and our Inquisitive Fellowship, a program that gives money and resources directly to growing science channels here on YouTube!


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Gabriel’s horn:

Gabriel’s wedding cake:

Supersolid PDF:

Zeno’s supertask paradoxes:

Staccato Zeno runner with no velocity/acceleration discontinuities:

General supertask reads:

Big book of collected supertask writing:

PDF’s about supertasks:

Plank scale:

ELI5: Why is a Planck length the smallest possible unit of measurement? from explainlikeimfive

Hyper computation and supertasks:

Thomson’s Lamp:

Benacerraf on supertasks: [PDF]

Ordinal numbers (omega and omega+1):

Ross-Littlewood paradox:
Four paradoxes involving infinity

New York Times Neanderthal genome article:

The Wandering Gene
and boats:

Another fun infinity paradox:

SMBC Zeno comic:


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