The Moon Terminator Illusion

June 7, 2015 31 Views
Sources and sites to learn more below!!!

dolly zoom effect:

visual angle:

great visual angle / angular diameter chart:

moon terminator illusion resources:

rogers and olga naumenko (2014):
moon tile illusion [PDF]:

the (more famous) moon illusion:

cylindrical perspective animation:

graphical perspective:
Upside-Down Drawing: an exercise to reduce mental conflict

optics of perspective:–cms-22100

keystone effect:

subjective constancy:

crepuscular rays:,_India.JPG

lunar phase interactive:


car illusion:

star field illusion:

hallway illusion:

Euclid’s Optics: [PDF]

art resources:

Why are medieval paintings so…. crappy? from AskHistorians

Why did ancient civilizations never produce any realistic art? from AskHistorians

Why did realistic art only take off in the West? from AskHistorians

Why was human anatomy poorly drawn in ancient works of art? from AskHistorians

Why couldn’t people draw realistically in the ancient world or the medieval? from AskHistorians

Why aren’t ancient/medieval paintings three dimensional or photorealistic? from AskHistorians

Did artistic sense evolve in humans? from askscience

other geometric illusions:


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