What if You Were Born in Space?

May 12, 2013 15213687 Views

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music by

“Space Oddity” sung in space by Chris Hadfield:

Tears in space:

Chris Hadfield’s videos:

My video with minutephysics that talks about oribits:

First man in space:

list of people who have been to outer space:

history of humans in space (good timeline):

Good read about “zero-gravity” vs zero-g:!msg/



NASA info on how zero-g affects people:

flame in space [VIDEO]:

zero-g biology flow chart:


what if a baby was born in space?

conception and fertility in space:

zero-g studies:

rat fetus:
pregnant rats:
muscles: and
radiation and mice brains:
importance of activity on bone growth:

Dangers on zero-g:

getting taller while in space:

tools for combatting zero-g atrophy:

comparrison of zero-g bone growth to diseases like rickets:


plankton numbers:

plankton from space:

the mystery of “body” etymology:

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