Why Are Bad Words Bad?

November 28, 2013 18626829 Views

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Marchex Institute study:

Canada’s most vulgar city:

“Bad” etymology:


Mort Walker – The Lexicon of Comicana:

First use of grawlixes:

Slate’s Lexicon Valley: “A Brief History of Swearing”:

1 Kilohertz censor beep:

Steven Pinker lecture:

Swearing history:

remembering taboo words:

Swearing in the brain:

no words should be banned?

Mythbusters’ Swearing Test:



7 dirty words:

Swearing is changing:

Swearing in the future:

Swearing behaviour on Twitter:

McKay Hatch – The No Cussing Club:

N.W.A. F*ck Tha Police:

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